120 AET J C

The Manitou 120 AETJ-C articulated electric platform has a capacity of 200 kg with a working height of up to 11.95 m. It meets all of your needs both inside and outside. The overhang height of 4.77 m combined with the working offset of 7 m offers a range of possibilities to the operator.

The narrow design of its chassis (1.2 m) and of its elevation structure provides a high level of manoeuvrability in confined and crowded spaces. Its traction battery offered as standard guarantees a high number of cycles as well as good performance over time. A 3D version of the pendular arm for the 120 AETJ-C is available (as an option) to increase accessibility in working areas.

9.95 m

200 kg


5.48 m

1.2 m

1.99 m

6660 kg